Why are the Greek gods considered myths while the Christian god isn't?

Why are the Greek gods considered myths while the Christian god isn't? is a question that involves complex reasons at multiple levels such as culture, history, and religious beliefs.

First of all, the gods in Greek mythology originated from ancient Greek religion. Most of these stories were circulated between the 8th century BC and the 4th century BC. Over time, Greek mythology gradually lost its actual status as a religious belief and became more of a symbol in literature, art, and culture. The rise of the Roman Empire and the spread of Christianity further weakened the influence of ancient Greek religion. By the Middle Ages, Greek mythology had been regarded by mainstream European society as myths and legends of the past, rather than as living religious beliefs.

In contrast, Christianity has been accompanied by systematic theological theories and organizational structures since its birth. Christianity became more than just a belief system, it developed into a social and political force with widespread influence. Especially in the 4th century AD, the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great legalized Christianity and eventually established it as the state religion in 380 AD. Since then, Christianity has become the dominant religion in the Western world and has expanded around the world through missionary work and colonization.

In addition, Christian theology emphasizes the unity and transcendence of God, which is essentially different from polytheistic Greek mythology. The core teachings of Christianity include the birth, crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, events that believers view as historical facts, not just fables or legends. In contrast, the gods in Greek mythology are portrayed more as characters with human emotions and vulnerabilities, and their stories are more like literary works than sacred religious events.

Why are the Greek gods considered myths while the Christian god isn't? Therefore, differences in cultural cognition, changes in the status of religions during historical development, and the inherent characteristics of belief systems have jointly led to the gods in Greek mythology being regarded as myths, while the God in Christianity is regarded as a real god. This phenomenon reflects the dynamic changes of religion in society and culture and its profound impact on people's worldview.

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