The Wiccan Queen of Witches

1. This statue shows a witch queen wearing gorgeous robes. She poses gracefully, holding a sphere in one hand and holding a book in the other. The base of the Wiccan Queen of Witches statue shows a kitten sitting at her feet, with a broken arch and coiled vines in the background. She wears a triangular crown on her head and a red gemstone on her chest. The overall tone is bronze and deep purple, giving people a mysterious and solemn feeling.

2. Usage: The Wiccan Queen of Witches statue is mainly used for decoration and collection, especially for lovers of witchcraft culture and mysticism. Not only can it be used as a decoration in your home or work space to add a mysterious atmosphere to the environment, but it can also be given as a gift to friends or family to convey your interest in magic and occultism. In addition, statues may also be used in Wiccan or Wiccan rituals as part of worship and ritual to symbolize strength and wisdom.

3. Size: 50cm

4. Advantages: From the perspective of a sculpture factory, Aradia statues have significant advantages in production technology. First of all, the use of high-quality resin materials ensures the durability and detail accuracy of the statue. Secondly, through exquisite hand-carving technology, every detail is given a vivid expression, especially Aradia's facial expressions, clothing patterns and accessories. In addition, the surface treatment adopts a bronze and deep purple spray painting process, which gives the statue a unique visual effect and adds to its mysterious and noble temperament.

5. We support custom Aradia statue according to your size and image, welcome to contact us.

  SKU  CSC-131
 Size  50cm tall / Customize Size as Your Requirement / Customize Size as Your Requirement
 Material  Resin / Bronze / Aluminum
 Color  It can be customized as you want
 MOQ  1 piece
 Delivery Dater  7-30 days
 Package  Carton with foam mold, it is very strong.
 we also can custom statue in any style, material, size as you want, pls leave your requirement.

The Aradia statue is not only a beautiful piece of art, but also a symbol of Wicca culture. Aradia, as the Witch Queen, represents wisdom, power and mystery, and is one of the important roles in the Wicca faith. Details shown in the The Wiccan Queen of Witches statue, such as books and orbs, symbolize knowledge and prophetic abilities, while the kitten symbolizes the witch's companion and magical assistant. This Aradia Goddess Statue can not only be used as a decoration to enhance the artistic atmosphere of the environment, but also play an important role in the rituals of believers, helping them concentrate and enhance the effect of the ritual. For collectors and believers, this statue not only has artistic value, but also has cultural and spiritual significance. The image of Aradia inspires modern practitioners of witchcraft, conveying a spirit of female power, freedom and resistance to oppression.

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