Modern Home Room Design

1. This modern home room design presents a unique form, including a diamond shaped block interspersed with a brightly colored ribbon. Diamond blocks represent hard and geometric elements, while ribbons represent flowing, soft, and organic shapes.

2. Purpose: This modern home room design can be used for indoor and outdoor decoration, public artworks, art exhibitions, and other occasions. Its abstract nature gives it the potential for multiple interpretations, which can evoke associations and reflections from the audience.

3. Size: 30cm high

4. Advantage: The advantage of this abstract sculpture lies in its combination of opposing elements such as hardness and softness, geometry and organic. This contrast highlights the uniqueness of sculpture, causing people to contemplate the work. At the same time, the brightly colored ribbons add a lot of color to the work and attract the attention of the audience.

5. Customized service: We support custom design, we can customize any style, size, material as you want.

  SKU  CWST-941
 Size  30cm in height / Customize Size as Your Requirement
 Material  Resin / Bronze / Aluminum
 Color  It can be customized as you want
 MOQ  1 piece
 Delivery Dater  7-30 days
 Package  Carton with foam mold, it is very strong.
 we also can custom statue in any style, material, size as you want, pls leave your requirement.

The symbolism of this Metal Ribbon Sculpture involve concepts such as confrontation, fusion, and harmony. Diamond blocks and ribbons represent opposing but complementary elements that blend together in sculpture, symbolizing the harmonious coexistence of different forces or concepts. Meanwhile, brightly colored ribbons may also represent life, vitality, and creativity.

Our Service

1) Free return: you have 14 days to find the perfect spot for your artwork. If you change your mind, you can send it back free of charge, and we'll reimburse you.

2) Secure Payment: We usually use Bank Transfers, PayPal, Western Union, Visa and Trade Assurance.

3) Custom orders: We can customize sculpture according to your design, size, material. You can send us your requirement.  

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