ulagalantha perumal statue

1. This ulagalantha perumal statue shows a multi-armed deity in a stately and dynamic pose. The deity wears an intricate crown, a benevolent and majestic face, and is adorned with exquisite ornaments. Each arm of the statue holds a different symbol, such as the dharma wheel, pestle, lotus, etc., which symbolize the multiple powers and protective power of the deity. The statue is dressed in gorgeous clothes, and the delicate folds and decorations reflect the superb carving skills. One foot of the deity is slightly raised, showing an elegant dance posture, while the other foot is firmly on the lotus platform. There are two small statues on either side of the base, which are lifelike and add a sense of layering and artistic value to the whole work. The statue is made of brass with a smooth surface and warm color, which is a work of great religious and artistic value.

2. Usage: Ulagalantha Perumal statues are mainly used in religious and cultural activities. They are important idols used by Hindus for worship and prayer. They are placed in temples, family altars and religious places, symbolizing protection and blessings. In addition, this kind of statue is also used in religious festivals and celebrations to add solemnity and sacredness.

3. Size: 40cm

4. Advantages: First, the statue is made using traditional lost-wax casting, ensuring that every subtle decoration and texture can be presented in detail. The complex posture and holding of the multi-armed deity require extremely high carving skills and craftsmanship. The factory's craftsmen use exquisite handcraftsmanship to perfectly integrate each arm and symbol, showing the majesty and sacredness of the deity. Secondly, the selection of high-quality brass materials not only makes the statue durable and corrosion-resistant, but also gives it a warm color and touch. Finally, the factory strictly controls every link in the production process, from design, casting to grinding and polishing, to ensure that the finished product meets the highest artistic and quality standards. These technological advantages make the Ulagalantha Perumal statue not only a symbol of religious belief, but also a work of art worth collecting.

5. We support custom ulagalantha perumal statue according to your size and image, welcome to contact us.

  SKU  CSC-034
 Size  40cm tall / Customize Size as Your Requirement / Customize Size as Your Requirement
 Material  Resin / Bronze / Aluminum
 Color  It can be customized as you want
 MOQ  1 piece
 Delivery Dater  7-30 days
 Package  Carton with foam mold, it is very strong.
 we also can custom statue in any style, material, size as you want, pls leave your requirement.

The Ulagalantha Perumal statue is a work of great artistic value and religious significance. The statue is finely carved, showing the solemnity and holiness of the deity. The multi-arm design not only symbolizes the infinite power of the deity, but also expresses the complex and rich symbolic meaning of Hindu culture. Each hand holds a different symbol, representing the various powers of the deity in terms of protection, healing, wisdom, etc. This type of statue, such as the Idol Of Lord Vishnu, occupies an important position in religious ceremonies and celebrations, and is the center of believers' prayers for protection and blessings. As a cultural heritage, it is not only a manifestation of religious beliefs, but also a crystallization of art and craftsmanship, with extremely high collection value and inheritance significance.

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