Giacometti Tete sans crane

1. Giacometti's "Tete sans crane" is a bronze sculpture showing a bust of a skullless man. The surface of the Giacometti Tete sans crane statue has obvious traces of hand-carving, and the texture is rough and expressive. The figure has a slender face, simple but deep facial features, and a look that conveys loneliness and contemplation. The slender neck is connected to a simple base, which has a heavy texture that contrasts with the figure's thin form. The overall shape is simple and powerful, showing Giacometti's unique artistic interpretation of the human image.

2. Usage: Giacometti Tete sans crane statues are mainly used in art exhibitions and private collections to showcase the unique charm of modern sculpture art and Giacometti's artistic achievements.

3. Size: 50cm

4. Advantages: The craftsmanship of the Giacometti Tete sans crane statue lies in its exquisite bronze casting technology and unique hand-carving. The bronze material not only makes the statue sturdy and durable, but also gives it a rich texture. Through hand-carving and meticulous polishing, a complex and organic surface texture is created, which adds visual depth and touch to the work. The asymmetrical design and rough surface treatment of the Giacometti Tete sans crane statue show the artist's unique interpretation of the human image, making the work dynamic and full of vitality. The overall production process is complex and delicate.

5. We support custom Giacometti's statue according to your size and image, welcome to contact us.

  SKU  CMM-035
 Size  50cm tall / Customize Size as Your Requirement / Customize Size as Your Requirement
 Material  Resin / Bronze / Aluminum
 Color  It can be customized as you want
 MOQ  1 piece
 Delivery Dater  7-30 days
 Package  Carton with foam mold, it is very strong.
 we also can custom statue in any style, material, size as you want, pls leave your requirement.

Giacometti's "Tete sans crane" is an important modern sculpture that reflects his profound exploration of human existence and emotions. The Giacometti Tete sans crane statue conveys profound existential thinking and emotional expression through simple and powerful forms. Giacometti broke through the boundaries of traditional sculpture and promoted the development of modern art with his unique artistic language and skills. The statue is not only a treasure in art collections, but also an important material for understanding and studying 20th century modern art, and has important artistic and historical value.

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